Pilates X Studio

5555 E Stearns St., Suite 108, Long Beach, CA 90815
ph: 562.286.4028
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Years Won: 2014 (Favorite), 2015 (Best)

Pilates X Studio offers a truly unique fitness experience for women and men of all ages and levels with trainer-led Pilates, yoga and cardio classes. Our certified instructors include the classic principles of Pilates with each workout – a combination of core strength, cardio and flexibility set to high-energy music. Pilates will make your limbs longer and leaner while the spring resistance is good for toning and tightening. Our workouts keep your mind focused and your heart rate up for the entire class, ensuring you are burning calories while toning muscles, but they are easy on the joints due to our state of the art equipment. Join us to discover a new you.